LOSTwatch Episode 8: Self-Destructive Nature

In this episode of LOSTwatch, we’re joined by award-winning podcaster and story expert Lani Diane Rich to discuss this incredible episode of LOST!


Download the mp3 here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/lostwatch/LOSTwatch_-_Episode_8_-_Self_Destructive_Nature.mp3

Lani Diane Rich currently produces two podcasts: “Jed Bartlett is My President: A West Wing Podcast,” “How Story Works,” as well as a vlog series, “Still Pretty: A Buffy Vlog”. We highly recommend that you check out her work!

LOSTwatch Episode 4: Wiggling Toes

Hello everyone!

Our fourth episode of LOSTwatch, in which we discuss S1E4 “Walkabout”, is now available on most podcast apps! You can also listen to the show by following this link: http://lostwatch.libsyn.com/episode-four-wiggling-toes

Download the mp3 here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/lostwatch/LOSTwatch_-_Episode_Four_-_Wiggling_Toes.mp3

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