Season One

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Episode 1: Pilot Part One (The Armani Suit)

Episode 2: Pilot Part Two (Captain’s Cabin)

Episode 3: Tabula Rasa (Fired Up!)

Episode 4: Walkabout (Wiggling Toes)

Episode 5: White Rabbit (The Case of the Missing Water)

Episode 6: House of the Rising Sun (The One in Which Allie Cries #1)

Episode 7: The Moth (Quarter Dory)

Episode 8: Confidence Man (Self Destructive Nature)

Episode 9: Solitary (Extra What the Hell)

Episode 10: Raised by Another (Linchpin)

Episode 11: All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues (We’re Back!)

Episode 12: Whatever the Case May Be (Sparks Fly)

Episode 13: Hearts and Minds (Discomfort)

Episode 14: Special (To the Ballgame)

Episode 15: Homecoming (Eff the Patriarchy #1)

Episode 16: Outlaws (Shrimp Man)

Episode 17: … In Translation (The One Where Allie Cries #2)

Episode 18: Numbers (Sexy Grandpa)

Episode 19: Deus Ex Machina (Signs)

Episode 20: Do No Harm (Bossing It)

Episode 21: The Greater Good (Sometimes We Say Things)

Episode 22: Born to Run (Bright White Sports Car)

Return from Hiatus: We Have to Go Back

Episode 23: Exodus (Part I) – Returning September 2018

Episode 24: Exodus (Part II)