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The Ordinary Folks is the product of partners-in-crime Nathan and Allie. Together, they collide their background in academics with their love of all things entertaining. The consequence is a  series of blogs and podcasts dedicated to their favourite characters and stories, and a space in which two restless minds can explore some of their most serious and open-ended questions.

The People

Nathan is an avid researcher of all things political. While much of his time is spent invested in his studies, he isn’t afraid to make time for good filmnathan-7-630814, good fiction, and, his not-so-guilty pleasure, good hockey. He’s also spent much of the last four years writing and recording music in Northern Ontario, coming to appreciate the stories and talents of those he has met along the way.


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Allie combines her love for television and film with her academic background in critical animal studies and contemporary, intersectional feminism. She is particularly interested in what our favorProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetite shows and stories tell us about ourselves and our societies. Allie’s also a powerful creator with a knack for critical analysis. The Ordinary Folks is her opportunity to reflect on the way in which media can help to maintain or challenge many of the structures and values we take for granted.


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