LOSTwatch Begins Tomorrow!

Hi everyone!

This is a reminder that our first LOSTwatch episode will drop tomorrow, and that a live-tweet will be held at 9 PM EST for S1E1: Pilot Part 1. Below are some general tidbits and guidelines for tomorrow:

The LT will start promptly at 9 PM EST, and “PLAY” will be announced via our twitter handle (@theordinaryfolk).

During the LT, we humbly ask that if you are a longtime viewer/fan/enthusiast, that you refrain from spoiler-y territory with your comments/questions/GIFs. We are aware of a few listeners who are coming in with fresh eyes and hope this will be considered. We would like them to have as untainted an experience as possible! We thank in advance for your consideration.

We aim for the podcast episode to be available sometime on Wednesday. For first time viewers and those hazy on the details, we suggest watching the episode first, then listening. For LOST enthusiasts, the decision is up to you!

Our Discord chat room will have a “LOSTwatch Spoiler Zone” for conversations that include other episodes/series in general, etc. In recognition that not everyone can support us financially, you are welcome to DM us on Twitter or email us your thoughts via the contact page.

We are so thrilled that the day has finally arrived, and can’t wait to hear your comments!



The Ordinary Folks.



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